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Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas – Greenfront Mortgage

Mike received his Bachelor of Science degree from the department of Finance, Real Estate, and Law with a concentration in Investments at California State University, Long Beach. He received Honors designation in Portfolio Management from CSULB’s Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF). After graduating in 2004, Mike found work in the Mortgage business during the housing boom. He quickly began utilizing his appreciation for technology by converting mortgage offices to more paperless solutions, including paperless loan submissions and data back up. In 2006 he took his knowledge and experience in the mortgage business to start his own brokerage, which became Greenfront Mortgage. In recalling upon his fascination in Behavioral Finance during his time at CSULB, Mike has since spent a considerable amount of time investigating what drives the Behavioral side of the real estate and mortgage bond markets. It is his goal to someday be able to more intelligently forecast where rates and real estate markets are going based off of consumer patterns and global economic trends.

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